GOP Leader Confesses Why He Didn’t Run For President

( – Former Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said during a Sunday morning interview at ABC’s “This Week” that he decided not to run for president to prevent a “multi-car pileup” in the Republican primaries.

Hogan made these comments while he was talking about the reluctance of former President Donald Trump to be part of any GOP debate. This has been a significant controversy inside the Republican Party, with many conservative figures claiming he should be part of these debates not only to express his ideas but also to let voters know who they’ll be voting to become the GOP nominee and eventually the US commander-in-chief.

During the interview, the former Governor said he’s refusing to run for president because there are too many candidates and he doesn’t want the GOP to commit the same mistake “we did in 2016.” Despite this idea, he said many people aren’t following his advice since it seems like “a lot of folks are going to be jumping in.”

In March, he announced he wasn’t going to run, despite many advisers and other Republican leaders telling him he should do it. Hogan’s name was floated as a potential Republican presidential contender, with many analysts pointing out that his moderation would’ve made him a strong candidate.

Recently, Hogan also dismissed any Senate run in Maryland. This came as a surprise not only because Democratic Senator Ben Cardin announced his retirement, but also because Hogan was Governor of the state for two terms. His period as a Governor of Maryland was widely praised by Democrats and Republicans because of his moderacy and the way he managed to build such strong popularity in a blue state.

Concluding the interview, Hogan said it’s possible that an unexpected candidate suddenly comes up and starts to gain plenty of popularity, just like what happened with Trump in 2016.

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