GOP Made Gains In US House (REPORT)

GOP Made Gains In US House (REPORT)

( – Republicans are fighting to protect their majority in the Senate during Georgia’s special elections in January. Even still, the party is optimistic about the number of seats they gained in the House of Representatives. The GOP flipped a dozen seats this election, with a likelihood of grabbing four more by the time all elections are called.

The party also re-elected House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to his role for this next term, and reporter Doug Sovern shares what he likely has his eyes on:

One of the largest gains for GOP House members is the number of women represented. Among them were 15 non-incumbent Republican women who won seats, often in very tight races. This totals at least 26 Republican women in the House, including Maria Elvira Salazar:

Looking forward to the 2022 midterm elections, the Republican party can be optimistic to close the approximate 10-seat gap to take the majority. If Joe Biden is president come Inauguration Day, the GOP will be extra thankful for the huge gains in the House and push that much harder to win it over in two more years.

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