GOP Makes IRS Oversight #1 Priority Post Midterms

GOP Plans Immediate IRS Oversight Once They Regain The House

GOP Plans Immediate IRS Oversight Once They Regain The House

( – Midterms are less than a month away, and lawmakers are beginning to look to the future. As Republicans hope to regain a majority in Congress, many already have legislation projected. The GOP plans to implement oversight of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as soon as Conservatives retake the House.

Three lawmakers looking to head the House Ways and Means Committee, Representatives Jason Smith (R-MO), Adrian Smith (R-NE), and Vern Buchanan (R-FL), have all asserted their desire to launch oversight of the tax agency. Rep. Buchanan noted Democrats allocated $80 billion in funding for the IRS, allowing the governmental body to hire an additional 87,000 agents. Buchanan mentioned how the tax authority would use those new employees concerns many Americans, and he declared the GOP plans to hold the IRS to account for its actions and policies.

Representative Jason Smith agrees with Buchanan but mentioned Republicans would push for oversight of the IRS even if President Biden didn’t invest the $80 billion into the agency. Jason Smith noted Americans have seen the governmental body target Conservatives and allow the exposure of taxpayer information for political gain, declaring Americans are demanding oversight of the IRS.

Should the GOP successfully take the house in November, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the current House Minority Leader, pledged Representative Adrian Smith’s draft to slash IRS funding would be the first piece of legislation they’ll vote on come January. Additionally, Republicans plan to investigate why the agency is still experiencing a backlog, causing delayed tax returns for Americans.

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