GOP Rep Claims FBI Fears For Biden Whistleblower’s Life

( – Republican Florida Representative Anna Luna said on Monday that the FBI is “afraid” that the whistleblower accusing President Joe Biden could get “killed.” This informant has accused the US commander-in-chief of being involved in a criminal scheme with a foreigner while he was vice president.

Luna, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee, wrote on her Twitter account that the bureau thinks its informant could get killed “if unmasked.” She also said that the FBI is afraid this could happen because of the delicate information the whistleblower revealed about the president and his family. The Florida representative posted this message on Twitter right after a closed briefing between the bureau and the committee.

According to Fox News, the media outlet reached Luna, the bureau, and House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer for more comments on this matter. She explained those worries by the FBI are quite “alarming” and “scary,” considering the massive implications. The FBI and Comer didn’t respond.

According to different reports, the whistleblower approached Comer and Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to tell them what he knew. Apparently, he told them that the FBI had a document that revealed delicate information about the president, provided by an undisclosed informant. This information shows that he was involved with a foreign national in a $5 million fraudulent pay-for-play operation while he was vice president. Major influence over some delicate policy decisions would be provided in exchange.

While Comer subpoenaed the FBI’s controversial document back in May, the agency refused to comply as it said this was the only way to protect its sources. Following this response, Comer threatened to hold the bureau’s director Christopher Wray in contempt if the committee didn’t receive the document.

Far from being bluffing, Comer announced on Monday he would formally begin this process against Wray. Some analysts said this was a radical decision since bureau officials showed him the subpoenaed document and briefed him about it.

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