GOP Rep. Cuts Red Tape Caused by Insurance Companies

GOP Rep. Cuts Red Tape Caused by Insurance Companies

GOP Lawmaker Fights To Bring Medical Freedom For All

( – Opponents of Republican lawmakers typically attempt to use healthcare against them, but one GOP lawmaker is looking to introduce a bill that would help Americans receive the care they need. If this bill passes it will cut the red tape insurance companies have put around getting necessary healthcare, improving access for tens of millions of patients.

In an exclusive report, The Daily Caller details US Representative Mark Green’s (R-TN) introduction of his Reducing Medically Unnecessary Delays in Care Act. The bill, if passed, would help Americans get necessary healthcare by tackling the red tape of prior authorization. According to the report, the legislation would also decrease the influence of bureaucrats in doctors’ offices and their ability to veto healthcare options for Medicare beneficiaries.

If Congress passes Green’s bill, and the president signs it into law, it would refine Medicare’s current prior authorization, which forces doctors to get treatments approved before giving them to patients who use the insurance. The Republican’s proposal would require a licensed physician who’s certified in administering the treatment to make pre-authorization decisions. Furthermore, the bill would make Medicare, its Part D, and Advantage plans use clinical criteria and medical necessity to determine restrictions. Green’s bill would also require the transparency of such decisions to increase as well.

Representative Green, a physician, told the Daily Caller, “It’s high time to get bureaucrats out of the doctor’s office once and for all,” adding the delays that prior authorization causes can allow a patient’s condition to get worse and make it harder to treat. He asserted it was time for Congress to end the current practice for good.

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