GOP Rep Demands Biden Administration Take Action On Border Terrorists

GOP Rep Demands Biden Administration Take Action On Border Terrorists

GOP Leads Charge Against Biden And His Terrorist Agenda

( – Back in June, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, notified the public of their plan to allow Afghan refugees who supported designated terror groups with “insignificant or certain material” to enter the US. The immigration plan was part of Biden’s effort to resettle Afghans in America after the military’s disastrous withdrawal in 2021. Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and a team of Republicans are raising the alarm on the matter.

Utter Disregard

In a letter to Mayorkas and Blinken, Representative Boebert and the other GOP lawmakers expressed their concern over the exemption, calling it a deliberate disregard for national security. The exemption the House members are referencing opened three different areas where Afghan refugees who wouldn’t likely have made it through could gain entry to the US.

One of the new windows focused specifically on Afghans who had financial ties to the Taliban, but the president considered them “insignificant.” The exemption would also allow people who helped the US and served the government of Afghanistan to seek refuge in America. The public notice from Mayorkas and Blinken noted many Afghan residents had to interact with the terrorist group in different ways that would cost them their ability to enter the US, but now those people had the option to immigrate to America.

The Republicans mention the Biden administration’s move will allow these people with known ties to terrorist organizations to receive pardons and grant them the ability to stay in the US. Boebert and her colleagues ask if the administration is willing to revise or remove the notice altogether and claim the White House is failing its most important task, keeping the American people safe.

Problem With Policy

After the botched withdrawal of American troops, Biden allowed tens of thousands of refugees to come to the US to resettle without vetting them through the National Counter-Terrorism Center database. The Department of Defense (DoD) reported that many individuals had been flagged for security concerns and gone missing in the US. The department asserted the missing Afghans could threaten the American public. In other words, potential terrorists are running free in the US, which is a serious problem.

President Biden may have thought he was helping people escape the oppressive government with this latest move. In reality, all he’s done is endanger the US and those living in it, including the refugees he’s welcomed into the country.

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