GOP Takes Aim at IRS for Losing Tax Data

( – Republican New York Representative Claudia Tenney blasted the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on August 28, after an inspector general report that revealed the agency lost millions of taxpayers’ data. In the report, which was released on August 8, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration noted that the agency couldn’t account for the personal information of millions of US taxpayers, which was stored in microfilm. It also pointed out that the microfilm backups weren’t “adequately safeguarded.”

During an interview on “Kudlow,” guest host Brian Brenberg asked Tenney about the IRS saying in its response to the report that safekeeping these taxpayers’ records wasn’t a main priority. The GOP lawmaker said that it was “unconscionable” that the agency is “too busy” to get involved with American taxpayers while holding sensitive data about them. She then said that House members need to remember that they have a duty to every taxpayer in the country.

In another part of the interview, Tenney explained that lawmakers are scrutinizing the IRS lately as the agency is behind “a lot of things.” She then said that this agency wants 87,000 “new enforcement agents” to persecute innocent people and, “in many cases,” those who can’t even afford to fight the IRS.

After that, Tenney told Brenberg it was “interesting” that the IRS wanted to do this at a moment when two agency whistle-blowers decided to expose Hunter Biden and his business dealings. When asked if the agency was doing a bad job for the country, the New York representative said that the IRS was a “disaster,” but noted this is the same situation with every other federal agency.

Since 2021, many Republicans have been strongly criticizing the IRS after ProPublica revealed tax data on some of the richest people in the United States. GOP senators and lawmakers claimed this was a “dangerous situation” as it remembered the way this agency targeted the Tea Party during the Obama administration.

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