GOP Wants These Americans to Get a Check, Too

GOP Wants These Americans to Get a Check Too

( – Stimulus checks from the CARES Act helped Americans across the country pay rent, buy food, and keep money flowing into the economy over the past four months. However, 1.7 million Americans who should have financially qualified for the checks were left out. That should change in the near future.

In March, the CARES Act distributed economic impact payments, also known as stimulus payments, to many Americans. The problem is the program excluded individuals without a Social Security number (SSN) and anyone married to a person without an SSN from receiving a check. The White House recommended this exclusion.

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) are now pushing to make sure these citizens are included in the next round of payments.

As the government prepares to hand out more stimulus checks in the coming weeks, the battle for who gets them and how much heats up. In light of this, some lawmakers are fighting to ensure no American citizen is excluded from the stimulus payment simply because of who they married.

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