Gov. Newsom Slams Gov. DeSantis Over Migrants

( – California Governor Gavin Newson blasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday because of the migrants who were flown to a Sacramento church. The latest feud between the two leaders highlights a new political rivalry and the migrant crisis that the United States has been suffering over the last few years.

In a tweet, Newson called DeSantis a “pathetic man” and said Sacramento is not Martha’s Vineyard. He was referring to a similar situation where dozens of migrants were moved to this Island in Massachusetts last year. This was such a controversial case that many claimed the Florida Governor committed an illegal act. In fact, a Texas Sheriff recommended on Monday criminal charges on DeSantis’ migrant flights to this part of the country.

Newson also threatened DeSantis with kidnapping charges and even attached a screenshot and a link to the legislature’s kidnapping ordinance in California. In his tweet, he was referencing a controversial flight on Saturday that left 16 Colombian and Venezuelan migrants in Sacramento. This situation prompted an investigation into the incident by the California Department of Justice.

On social media, many users criticized Newson not only because DeSantis hasn’t owned up to the event but also because the origins of this flight remain unclear. However, the California Governor blamed DeSantis as he said that this case is similar to the one of Martha’s Vineyard. This one took place in October 2022, when 49 migrants were transported from Texas to the Massachusetts island.

In a statement, Newson said he was working with the Mayor’s office and California nonprofit “partners” to guarantee the protection of those who arrived at Sacramento. He also said that he and his team will help these migrants travel to their “intended” destinations as they try to solve their legal situation in the United States.

Despite some migrant lawsuits, the Florida Governor said in 2022 he will keep organizing these types of trips, as the migrant crisis continues.

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