Government Moves One Step Closer To Euthanizing Children

( – Canada’s government is inching closer to euthanizing children in the parliament’s assisted suicide program, according to The Daily Mail. The program is reportedly supposed to help terminally ill children, but critics have dubbed it as “horrible.” 

Those who are advocating against the measure told the outlet that ill and disabled children will likely be joining the 10,000 adults seeking euthanasia which is sponsored by the state. In a report by the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), “mature minors” will reportedly be able to seek suicide in situations where their deaths will be imminent, without obtaining the consent of their parents. 

The House of Commons is set to debate the report within the next few months, further reforming the country’s laws on assisted suicide. Amy Hasbrouck, who is part of the group Not Yet Dead campaigning against the MAiD, said that children are not able to make informed decisions about whether or not they should commit suicide because they are being told their lives are painful and not worth living. She says that this makes them depressed and they will see death as a way out. 

Another campaigner with the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition said that Canada has been on a “slippery slope” concerning assisted suicide. Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the group, said that the government is not providing safeguards to the program. 

Despite hearing from 150 witnesses on children being able to make determinations about ending their lives, Canadian politicians resolved that children who were mature and competent to make these decisions should have access to MAiD. 

Witnesses reportedly spoke about how children were easily susceptible to outside influence. They also stressed the concreteness of such an action, bringing up the fact that one cannot come back after making such a choice. Nevertheless, politicians decided that no age should prevent children from having access to the program.

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