Governor Reintroduces Death by Firing Squad

Governor Reintroduces Death By Firing Squad

( – The death penalty has been around almost since the beginning of time to deal justice to those who have committed atrocious crimes. While the method for delivering the punishment has varied over the years, one governor just opened up the options for death row inmates as the drugs for a lethal injection have become more difficult to find in recent years.

On Friday, May 14, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed a bill allowing criminals sentenced to death to choose between the available options for ending their life. Previously, South Carolina only had the electric chair as an alternative to lethal injection. But, thanks to the new bill, inmates can now choose death by a firing squad.

Governor McCmaster shared his view on the bill on Twitter:

No executions have taken place in South Carolina since 2011. This new bill should allow them to start up again, bringing justice and closure to many who have been affected by unspeakable crimes.

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