Governor Says He Will Sign It

( – Republican West Virginia Governor Jim Justice said that he would sign legislation allowing students to carry firearms on campus as soon as it is presented to him, according to Breitbart

The announcement comes after the state’s legislature reportedly passed a bill in the Senate by a margin of 29-4 in late January. It then passed the House of Delegates by a margin of 84-13. The state does not currently have any laws preventing concealed carry on campuses. 

The legislation is now being sent to the governor’s desk, where Justice said that, upon arrival, he will sign it in seconds. In a statement, he said that he believes that if a student is carrying a weapon on him, he might be able to save lives in the event of a shooting. He added that he would trust such a student more than somebody else rushing to campus with a firearm that is probably illegal.

When Justice signs the legislation, West Virginia will become the 12th state in the United States to permit campus carry. The other states include Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. 

The National Rifle Association director in the state applauded the decision. 

Art Thomm told Fox News that an adult who is able to defend his country should be able to defend himself and others on campus, adding that one should not be exempt from carrying on campus if they are allowed to carry elsewhere in the state.

Republican Delegate Mike Honaker reflected on the 2007 Virginia Tech campus shooting that killed 32 people. He said that he would not prevent a law-abiding citizen from carrying a firearm and potentially saving lives in a situation where he needed to defend himself and others. The bill reportedly includes several exceptions where concealed carry is prohibited.

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