Governors Send Message to Biden Telling Him Not to Pack Supreme Court

Governors Send Message to Biden Telling Him Not to Pack Supreme Court

( – As Democrats continue to seek every opportunity to further their radical agenda, Republicans are looking for ways to stop it in its tracks. While the current 50-50 split in the Senate has kept much of the progressive left ideas at bay, President Joe Biden is still looking for other ways to push his plans, such as adding justices to the US Supreme Court. Thankfully, 20 GOP governors are pushing back.

On Tuesday, June 29, 20 Republican Senators wrote a letter to President Biden publicly opposing any attempt at “court-packing.” The GOP leaders called it “unprecedented, unproductive, and unpredictable,” highlighting that our nation’s highest court has had its current 9 justice bench for over 150 years.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was one of the first to share the full letter on Twitter:

This letter comes after Biden’s April executive order exploring the feasibility of reforming the Supreme Court, to include adding additional justices. The governors noted that this would lead to inconsistent and political rulings, rather than ones based on fairness and our Constitution.

If Biden is able to pack the Supreme Court, that would allow him to add multiple liberal-leaning justices and provide the Democrats with much more leverage when cases on gun control, abortion, and state’s rights make it to the court. By remaining steadfast to our nation’s current system, we can preserve the balance and equality that our nation has fostered for generations.

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