Graham Said He Will Support Feinstein’s Replace if She Resigns

( – South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said during a Sunday interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he would support a replacement of California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, only if he resigns. The efforts to replace her have become a major issue in Washington since she’s part of the Judiciary Committee but her absence over health issues has blocked nominations.

During the interview, Graham said that he will make sure nothing unexpected will happen in the Senate in case she resigns. He added that if Feinstein decides to take this step, he will support the Senate president’s efforts to replace her. He also said this was the proper action since this is “what we have done in the past.”

Over the last few weeks, Feinstein has faced calls to resign from other Democratic Senators, as she’s currently recovering from shingles at home. Her absence has been a major issue for Democratic senators as they have been unable to vote for some judicial nominees, which has been one of the main priorities of US President Joe Biden.

While some analysts said it was possible that she could announce a reelection campaign, her team recently said she was not running for reelection next year. However, Feinstein has so far refused to resign and has asked for a temporary replacement that the committee has to appoint. This has been a delicate situation since Democratic senators need the support of Republicans to make this happen, but many GOP senators have already said they will block this move and only support a replacement if Feinstein resigns.

This is the same position that Graham shared on CNN, who also said that he won’t leave the panel with a 10-10 partisan split if Feinstein eventually resigns. Despite this situation, the South Carolina Senator said that he doesn’t want her to resign and he hopes she can fully recover and get back to the Judiciary Committee.

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