Grandma Thinks She Knows What Happened To A Missing Child!

Grandma Makes Chilling Confession About Her Missing Grandchild

Grandma Makes Chilling Confession About Her Missing Grandchild

( – Twenty-month-old Quinton Simon has been missing since October 5. Police have suspected foul play and are currently searching a local landfill for the child’s remains, but they’ve yet to hit on any leads. Now, the boy’s grandmother says she might have an idea of what happened to him.

According to the New York Post, Billie Jo Howell recently implied there’s a good possibility that her grandson drowned. Without offering any reasoning other than the fact that her daughter, Leilani Simon, has a drug problem, the grandmother stated, “I feel like something happened while Quinton was in the bathtub.” Howell hazarded that the mother was probably intoxicated, adding, “If you’re high as hell, man, you do stupid s—.”

Leilani Simon is allegedly a heavy cocaine user, and the young mother admittedly used drugs during one of her pregnancies. She has also served time in jail for shoplifting.

Howell has legal custody of the toddler, and Simon also lives in the same home, making the grandmother’s “theory” all the more chilling.

The CDC reports that drowning is the number-one cause of death in children ages 1 to 4 after birth defects. Lack of supervision is one of the primary components. Parents should never leave infants or toddlers unattended in the bath or near any body of water — even an open bucket. Drugs and alcohol abuse can increase overall risks.

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