Green Skies Light Up American Town — See the Insane Pics

Green Skies Light Up American Town -- See the Insane Pics

Strange Weather Transforms City Skyline Into a Hollywood Set

( – Anytime there’s an anomaly in the sky, theories on the causes tend to abound. A recent phenomenon occurred in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that caught the attention of many Americans and left several wondering how the event was possible. A reasonable question when the sky above your head turns an ominous green color.

Some people took to social media to describe the sky above them, claiming it was like a scene from “The Wizard of Oz” or the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.” Others believed the odd hue meant tornadoes were on the way, although AccuWeather says there is no direct correlation between green skies and the occurrence of tornadoes. So why did the sky change color prior to severe weather rocking Sioux Falls? The answer is probably a little more boring than people think.

Scientific American (SA) explains that while there isn’t an exact answer to why the sky turns green before severe weather hits, it does offer a compelling theory. The SA explains that when thunderstorms roll in during sunset or other times while there’s an abundance of red light, the water droplets in the air can make the sky appear green. The appearance comes due to a combination between the gray storm clouds, water droplets that appear blue because they bend red light, and an adequate amount of red light.

In other words, the Wicked Witch of the West isn’t coming to town and jade skies are a completely natural occurrence, at least according to researchers. No explanation can take away from the “wow” factor of it, though, as it still looks spectacular.

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