Gregg Abbott Blasts Lori Lightfoot Over Biden’s Border Crisis

Gregg Abbott Blasts Lori Lightfoot Over Biden's Border Crisis

Texas Governor Has A MESSAGE For Chicago’s Mayor

( – The crisis at the US southern border has expanded the divide between Conservatives like Texas Governor Greg Abbott and liberal leaders, with the Republican resorting to extreme measures in recent months to make his point. The lawmaker has sent more than 7,600 immigrants to Washington, DC, and almost 2,000 more to New York City. Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, recently lashed out when buses also began reaching her jurisdiction. Abbott slammed the Liberal for failing to place blame where it was truly due.

Governor Abbott pointed at liberal policies he believes are responsible for the increased numbers of illegal immigrants since President Joe Biden took office. The southern governor feels the administration has failed Texas and other border states, noting he’s doing what he can to mitigate the damage.

Two of the most recent buses sent 95 migrants to Chicago.

While Lightfoot openly welcomed the individuals, she responded in a public appearance on Thursday, September 1. The sanctuary city leader called Abbott “racist” and accused him of “manufacturing a human crisis.” According to the Texas Tribune, New York City Mayor Eric Adams took a similar stance at a recent news conference, accusing the governor of enabling “inhumane” practices simply for the sake of political theater.

Texas paid over $12,700,000.00, as of August 31, to bus out unwanted immigrants, according to documents obtained from the Texas Division of Emergency Management by The Texas Tribune. A representative from Abbott’s office said he will continue sending the overflow to sanctuary cities, with Chicago now slated as “a regular drop-off location.”

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