Greta Thunberg Team Faces Criminal Conspiracy Probe

Greta Thunberg Team Faces Criminal Conspiracy Probe

( – The ongoing farmer protests in India have now drawn world-wide attention as numerous celebrities share info about it on their social media pages. But, Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg got in a bit over her head after sharing a protest “toolkit” created by a Canadian organization entitled the “Poetic Justice Foundation” on Twitter.

Thunberg Shares a Controversial “Toolkit” on Twitter

On February 4, Thunberg tweeted a list of “suggested posts” for her followers to read, research, and promote the farmers’ protests. The toolkit promoted demonstrations at Indian embassies, among other actions. The creators of the toolkit, the Poetic Justice Foundation, shared screenshots of celebrities who backed the cause on Facebook.

Thunberg quickly deleted her original tweet and replaced it with the following:

Delhi Police Cite Greta Thunberg Tweets in Investigation

Shortly after Thunberg’s tweets, Delhi police released a First Information Report (FIR) detailing an alleged “overseas conspiracy” to “promote enmity” within the country. Thunberg’s toolkit tweets were cited in the report. In response, Thunberg tweeted this:

While Thunberg’s words were cited in the investigation, it centers around the Poetic Justice Foundation, whose website says its aim is to “provoke, challenge and disrupt systemic inequities and biases.”

India’s Government Pushes Back Against Celebrities

India’s Ministry of External Affairs posted a statement addressing the social media posts surrounding the farmers’ revolt. It reiterated that the Parliament of India passed the protested reforms to move the nation towards sustainable farming and only “a very small section of farmers” are protesting them.

The government asked observers to see the protests “in the context of India’s democratic ethos” and condemned the “sensationalist social media hashtags and comments” as “neither accurate nor responsible.”

This past year has shown the world how easy it is for almost any idea to gain momentum on social media, even if not grounded in fact or responsibility. While peaceful protests and asking for changes is a vital part of any democracy, every citizen must check the information they take in and spread in order to move our world towards unity rather than anger and dissension.

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