Hackers Leak Taylor Swift Ticket Data From Ticketmaster

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Hackers recently said they were able to access hundreds of thousands of barcode data from Taylor Swift tickets purchased on Ticketmaster. The hackers are requesting millions of dollars in ransom money or they will leak the information they found online.

The hacking group has posted samples of the data found on a forum, showing data from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour information from Indianapolis, Miami, and New Orleans. They stated that they also had access to information from other high-profile events and sporting events.

ShinyHUnters is the hacking group that posted the leaks into the forum, and the associated account was named Sp1d3rHunters. This group in particular has claimed responsibility for multiple high-profile hacking events, such as those on Santander Bank, AT&T, and Microsoft.

Ticketmaster said that they did not offer the hackers any ransom money, and they assured everyone that the information stolen would not allow hackers to utilize those ticket barcodes as new tickets since they are refreshed every so often.

Cybersecurity experts have looked at the data stolen and said that it would not allow anyone to enter an event with the barcode information that they stole.

Don Smith, vice-president at the cybersecurity firm Secureworks, said, “This data is almost certainly not sufficient to allow someone to recreate a barcode to get in. If you’re running events of the size and scale of the Eras tour, you are not going to make it easy for someone to just get access to a database and then be able to create a fake ticket.”

Although the hackers were able to get information on different shows for Taylor Swift, experts at companies like Live Nation have implemented more secure measures, which prevent hackers from being able to do much with stolen information.

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