Hackers Using Verified X Accounts as Bait?!

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(AmericanProsperity.com) – Hackers have upped their game and have started impersonating X, formerly Twitter, verified accounts to target people.

Hackers have been impersonating verified X cryptocurrency accounts. The cryptocurrency account will look extremely accurate and real, making you think it’s the original account. Hackers are targeting politicians, companies, and other accounts to get people to buy into their crypto companies.

MalwareHunterTeam cybersecurity experts said that a Canadian senator’s account was used to pose as a real cryptocurrency business. This convinces people that it’s not only a legitimate cryptocurrency company, but also that they’re to be trusted because of the verified mark that we all look for when looking up company accounts.

Another instance was when the cybersecurity firm Mandiant got their account stolen and transformed into a Phantom cryptocurrency account. The account hackers posted a link that claimed it would give away free credits to those who clicked it, but it was the hackers who posted it and the link was a scam.

Experts are speaking out on how you can keep yourself safe from hackers as this topic has become a pretty popular one. The first thing to remember is that if it feels too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. Don’t click on any suspicious links or links that don’t make sense as they could potentially be dangerous.

If you’re investing in cryptocurrency then be sure to do your research into the companies so you’re not easily persuaded by crypto accounts that may not be real. When it comes to not getting your accounts hacked, it’s important to have two-factor authentication and a strong password. You can set up your accounts to require a code sent to your email or your phone to verify before logging in.

Make sure all your software is updated and ensure that you have antivirus on all of your devices to protect against potential hackers.

If you have concerns that your account may have been hacked you can talk to an expert on what to do to secure your account. Change all of your passwords to all of your accounts, tell people you know about the situation in case hackers reach out to them, and keep an eye on all your account activity to keep your accounts secure and safe from hackers.

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