Haley Rips GOP on Debt Issues

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and presidential candidate Nikki Haley blasted Republicans on the US debt problems on August 23 and said they should get serious about tackling this issue. During her statement in the RNC’s primary debate, Haley claimed that no one is telling Americans “the truth” about the debt and deficit the country is currently experiencing.

She pointed out that Democrats and US President Joe Biden are not the only ones to blame for this problem, as she said “our Republicans” were also responsible. The presidential candidate then noted that “when they” approved the $2.2 trillion pandemic stimulus legislation, the country suddenly had 90 million people depending on Medicaid and 42 million on food stamps. She also said that one of the worst aspects of this situation is that no politician has told Americans how to fix this problem.

In another part of her statement, Haley said she’s the best candidate to represent the GOP in the 2024 presidential election as she knows how to fix this issue. She explained that the key is to stop the borrowing, as well as the spending and the “earmarks” that many Republicans “brought back in.” She added that these politicians also need to understand these aren’t “their dollars.”

Far from not naming anyone, Haley called out many of her rivals in the GOP nomination as some of the people who are to blame for the debt issues. These included South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. Haley said all of them pushed the United States further into this economic problem.

About Trump, the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations said that he added $8 trillion to the American debt, and pointed out that “our kids” will never “forgive us” for committing this mistake. Finally, Haley pointed out that Republicans aimed for $7.4 billion in earmarks within the fiscal 2024 budget, while Democrats only sought $2.8 million in requests.

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