Haley Warns GOP Against Staying Focused on Trump

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Presidential candidate Nikki Haley urged Republican voters on July 30 to stop focusing on the legal problems of former President Donald Trump. During an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations said Trump was the right president “at the right time.” However, she explained that even when his policies “were good,” she said he wouldn’t be the ”right president” for the country from now on.

When asked why she believes Trump shouldn’t be elected, she said that the United States needs to “move forward.” Otherwise, the former South Carolina Governor explained that the country would witness a general election that will be filled with lawsuits.

Over the last few months, Trump’s legal problems have become the dominating topic in the GOP primary race. The former commander-in-chief is facing four criminal cases, two of which have already yielded indictments against him. Different reports have been pointing out that a third indictment related to Trump’s alleged efforts to stoke the January 6 Capitol riots is expected shortly. Political analysts say this situation affects the rest of the candidates because of Trump’s popularity and how these issues force the debate to be almost exclusively related to him.

Haley said that not a single Republican presidential candidate wants to be talking about the former president’s indictments. She also said she doesn’t even know the number of indictments Trump is facing but pointed out this has become a “distraction” for all Republicans. The former South Carolina Governor added that the mainstream media is also to blame as it talks about it “nonstop.”

When asked if voters should be focused on these legal issues, Haley said “No.” She pointed out that American voters want to know what is going to happen to the country and how to change the Biden administration for a better government. Finally, Haley said GOP candidates should talk to them about how to make a better country for the future instead of talking about how to legally defend Trump.

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