Haley’s Campaign Blasts Trump and DeSantis in Memo

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a The Hill Tuesday report, a campaign memo to donors revealed that the presidential campaign of Nikki Haley has decided to take an offensive approach against her GOP rivals Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. About the former US president, the memo points out that he’s “consumed” by past grievances. About the Republican Florida Governor, the memo says that he is not “ready for prime time.”

As reported by the media outlet, the memo from Haley’s campaign manager Betsy Ankney claims that the former South Carolina Governor and former Ambassador to the United Nations is the best candidate that the Republican Party can choose to beat President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election. The memo argues that Haley is the best candidate as she’s above the current political fray and has received over $11 million in fundraising in the first quarter, which shows GOP donors confidence.

The memo also claims that, unlike Haley, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump is just promising “more drama” in America’s future, instead of caring about the American people. It also pointed out that while Haley was offering her plan to stop illegal immigration at the US-Mexico border, Trump as facing arraignment in a New York courtroom.

Moreover, the memo took aim at the Florida Governor, who is expected to launch a presidential bid in the next few weeks. The memo said that DeSantis has committed all types of mistakes, including a controversial interview where he described the invasion of Ukraine as nothing more than a “territorial dispute” between this country and Russia.

In February, the former South Carolina Governor and former Ambassador to the United Nations announced her campaign. This situation made Haley the first Republican figure to officially challenge Trump for next year’s presidential nomination. Since that moment, the other two candidates that have officially jumped into the race have been former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

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