Half of College Grads Work in Jobs That DON’T Ask for a Degree?!

Most College Graduates Work in a Job Outside of Their Degree

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a new study, more than half of Americans who went to college are not working in a field that requires a degree.

The study said that students who graduate with a degree and then go to a low-paying job or a job that is not in their line of work could get stuck in an undesired career path for longer, making it difficult to get a job in their field.

The study was done by The Burning Glass Institute and the Strada Institute for the Future of Work. It turns out that many Americans are questioning if diplomas and degrees even make a difference or hold the value that they once did and many businesses are even dropping the requirement to need a degree at all.

CEO of Burning Glass, Matt Sigelman, said “What we found is that even in a red-hot economy, half of graduates are winding up in jobs they didn’t need to go to college to get.” It’s also said that ten years after college, 1 in 4 higher education graduates make less than $32,000 a year, which is how much on average a high school graduate makes yearly.

“Getting a college degree is viewed as the ticket to the American dream,” said Sigelman, “and it turns out that it’s a bust for half of students.”

They’ve said that there is a difference in the type of work you go into and that choosing a specific niche might be more beneficial than if you choose a broader niche to work in. They also concluded that internships give you a great push in the door as well to a more fruitful career.

“In addition to what you chose to study, having an internship is really needle-moving in terms of your likelihood of landing into the kind of job you went to school to get,” Sigelman said.

“If you come out of school and work for a couple of years as a waiter in a restaurant and apply for a college-level job, the employer will look at that work experience and not see relevance,” Sigelman said.

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