Hamas Leaders Hope for Permanent War

(AmericanProsperity.com) – One of the main leaders of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas admitted on November 8 that he hopes for a permanent war against Israel on every front. During an interview with the New York Times, a member of Hamas’ leadership body, Khalil al-Hayya, even recognized that the group doesn’t care for Palestinians and had no plans to govern Gaza.

The interview was made in the wake of the Israeli government ground operations in Gaza in response to the October 7 terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas in the Jewish state. The group killed over 1,400 people, raped dozens of women, and kidnapped over 200 innocents of different nationalities.

In the interview, al-Hayya defended Hamas’ atrocities and explained that bloodshed and extreme violence were deliberately executed to revive the Palestinian cause and intensify the fight against Israel. He also said it was necessary to destabilize the Middle East, as many countries in the region turned their backs against Gaza.

The terrorist leader also told the liberal newspaper that the incursion in the Jewish State was necessary not only to have a clash with Israel but also to change the “equation.” He also pointed out that Hamas succeeded, as it managed to put the Palestinian issue “back in the table.”

In addition to al-Hayya, the New York Times interviewed other members of Hamas, who also dismissed the idea they want to govern Gaza, and insisted on a “permanent war.” Hamas media adviser Taher El-Nounou said that the group’s main hope is that the war with the Jewish state becomes permanent so the Arab world eventually “open their eyes” and support Hamas.

Al-Hayya also said that Hamas’ goal is not to bring “water and electricity” to the people in Gaza but to radically “overthrow the situation.” He also said that Hamas’ leadership meticulously planned the terrorist attack on Israel to cause a “large response.” When asked to elaborate, he explained that they needed to execute a “great act” to make Israel react and send a message to the world.

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