Harris Blames Trump Administration for the Current Crisis

Harris Blames Trump Administration for the Current Crisis

(AmericanProsperity.com) – During former President Donald Trump’s first term, our southern border was secure and communities around it felt safe and cared for. But, just two months into the Biden administration, those same states find themselves overrun with illegal immigrants. Vice President Kamala Harris has chosen to simply laugh off the issue and blame it on Trump, rather than take responsibility for the crisis that President Joe Biden created.

On Monday, March 22, Vice President Kamala Harris was meeting with reporters in Jacksonville, Florida, when one asked her if she had plans to visit the US-Mexico border. She laughed, replying “not today.” The reporter pressed her on the issue, to which Harris shifted the blame, stating they “were left with a very challenging situation” and “some serious challenges.”

Human Rights Advocate Fernando Amandi Sr. called out the Vice President for her comments:

The Biden administration cannot continue to ignore and mock the crisis at the southern border. It might mean they have to humble themselves a bit, but it’s time they tighten up security at our southern border and limit those entering the country by returning to the clear policies of President Trump.

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