Harris Receives New Assignment Despite Avoiding Border Crisis

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Well over a month since she was appointed to deal with the catastrophe at our southern border, Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to make it to the crisis zone or make plans to do so. On top of this, the second-in-command has added leading the National Space Council to her list of job duties, making many wonder if she’ll ever get anything done.

On Saturday, May 1, Vice President Kamala Harris announced she will be leading the National Space Council. CBS journalist Fin Gomez shared the news:

On March 24, President Joe Biden tapped Harris to lead our nation’s “efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle” to address the border situation. While Harris has met with some of the leaders of the countries sending migrants and said she’s addressing the “root causes” of the crisis, the vice president has yet to actually see the situation first-hand.

Somehow, despite Kamala’s lack of attention to her first major task, President Biden thinks Harris can handle another. Hopefully, the VP’s lackadaisical approach to this situation won’t spill over into her new duties and she’ll be more productive at her new role than she has been at our border.

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