Harris Tries to Declare Success After Disaster Trip

Harris Tries to Declare Success After Disaster Trip

(AmericanProsperity.com) – After months of waiting for the Vice President to actually make a move on the border crisis, Kamala Harris finally traveled to Guatemala and Mexico this week. After days of meetings and negotiations, Harris declared the trip a “success,” but many observers, including protesters in Guatemala, thought otherwise.

On Tuesday, June 8, Harris told reporters she had been “successful at making progress” at finding and addressing the “root causes” of the border crisis. However, this amounts to her promising hundreds of millions in aid to Mexico and Latin American countries, some of which she pleaded with their residents, telling them “do not come.”

While Harris applauded her own efforts, many Americans, including the director of the Independent Women’s Forum Patrice Lee Onwuka, disagreed with her verbiage:

Even Democrats were disillusioned with Harris after she told the Guatemalans on Monday not to come to the border. Protesters in Guatemala itself also told Harris to “stop funding criminals” and to “mind your own business.” Perhaps rather than flying internationally to try and solve the border crisis, Harris should have stayed in her own nation where the disaster actually is located.

What do you think of the situation and her response?

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