Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren Among Cast of New “Yellowstone” Prequel

Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren Among Cast of New

Yellowstone Prequel Announces All-Star Cast Lineup

(AmericanProsperity.com) – “Yellowstone,” a Paramount Network original TV series starring actor Kevin Costner, is a modern-day Western set on a Montana cattle ranch, following the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family. The show is so popular that producers created a spinoff to introduce its origin story, featuring stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. The series introduces a new generation of the Duttons from early 1900.

For now, creators are titling the show “1932,” but Paramount isn’t revealing too many spoilers about the series other than they plan to debut it in December of this year.

Ford hasn’t appeared on television since making a cameo in 1993’s “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” — of course. Although the prolific actor started his career on TV, his claim to fame happened on the big screen. In fact, he gained much acclaim by playing in movies as the adventurous character Indiana Jones and the snarky space smuggler Han Solo.

The Emmy Award-winning Helen Mirren starred in the TV series “Prime Suspect,” where she gained notoriety while subsequently playing in daytime mini-series productions.

“Yellowstone” appears to pull out all the stops for big-named stars for its series. Fans highly anticipate learning more about the Dutton family.

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