Here’s How The United States is Responding to The Bird Flu Cases in Humans

( – The second case of the Bird Flu in humans has just been announced and here’s a look at how the United States is handling the situation. Bird Flu could turn into a pandemic, but the United States health officials are monitoring and preparing for it.

A strain of Bird Flu has been found in dairy cows across nine different U.S. states, and two people who were exposed have contracted the Bird flu. The latest case found in humans affected a dairy worker in Michigan.

The H5N1 virus has been spreading across the world and infecting multiple animal species for four years now, but having the virus affect dairy farms was something that scientists, and farmers, never expected. In rare cases, the Bird Flu can travel to humans and can cause mild to severe symptoms.

The United States Government and the health department will be monitoring the cases and the new emerging symptoms that have been coming out but they have been monitoring this virus for years now. The U.S. government has a stockpile of five million doses of the vaccine that can be used in the possibility of a bird flu pandemic.

Experts have said that the government seems to be prepared in case of a bird flu pandemic but that they must do things properly if a pandemic erupts. Dr Andrew Pekosz, a professor at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said, “There’s a lot of pieces that are already in place that help us understand that we can respond to this faster.”

He continued, “As is always the case, though, it’s about the efficiency of our responses, right? We know what we can do. We just have to be able to do it effectively.” He called the vaccines that have been created the “first line of defense in case we do see some human-to-human transmission.”

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