High Schooler’s Football Career Over After String of Blood Clots Removed

High Schooler's Football Career Over After String of Blood Clots Removed

Blood Clots Removed From High Schooler – Parents In Shock!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A high school junior was just getting back onto the football field when his luck took a tragic turn. Kaden Clymer knew something wasn’t right on August 1, when he experienced unusual pain and swelling in his legs. He had no idea the incident would change his life.

Clymer’s father took him to the emergency room the night before his son’s first scheduled football practice. The Toledo Children’s Hospital admitted the teen, and he stayed there for nine days. Doctors diagnosed him with inferior vena cava atresia, a rare condition that leads to the formation of blood clots. Surgeons removed a six-foot-long string of clots during the boy’s stay.

Inferior vena cava atresia is usually congenital, but symptoms predominantly develop in males under the age of 30, normally striking people who are physically active. The condition often occurs without warning. The anomaly typically forms in the womb, creating a structural defect that leads to the problem. Less often, physical trauma will cause acquired cases.

News sources have failed to determine whether Clymer had received a COVID-19 vaccine, but the possibility is worth a mention. Research has uncovered a possible link between severe blood clots and mRNA inoculations. These events are rare, and doctors warn that other factors are generally involved.

In Clymer’s case, which doctors are still investigating, the administration of blood thinners necessitates a sudden end to the boy’s football days. The blow devastated the teen, but he’s grateful to be back with his family and friends.

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