Hikers Report of Illness After Visiting Arizona’s Grand Canyon Waterfalls

(AmericanProsperity.com) – It’s been reported that dozens of hikers have become sick during trips to Arizona’s Grand Canyon destination, which features large blue-green waterfalls.

Madelyn Melchiors is one visitor from Kingman, Arizona who traveled to the area and came down with a fever and vomiting spells that lasted for days after camping on the Havasupai reserve. She stated that she was able to finally hike to her car and make it away from the area. “I slept 16 hours and drank a bunch of electrolytes. I’m still not normal, but I will be OK. I’m grateful for that,” she said.

The Federal Indian Health Service said that they were acting swiftly to give those affected medical attention. Environmental health officers were then sent to the area to investigate the source and find out how they could avoid its spread.

Said the agency, “Our priority is the health and well-being of the Havasupai residents and visitors, and we are working closely with local health authorities and other partners to manage this situation effectively.”

Melchoirs, and others, said that they drank from springs that were said to be filtered, but that it didn’t filter out viruses. Trish Lees, a county health spokesperson, said that you should be extra cautious and be sure to filter water before drinking it.

Norovirus is a common virus that can be easily spread while camping due to the lack of clean water supplies. Symptoms of Norovirus include stomach pain and nausea; be sure to quarantine away from healthy campers if you find yourself sick.

Many people have posted or reported gastrointestinal issues and feeling sick after visiting the area. Some people said that they had to take a helicopter out of the Grand Canyon area because they couldn’t hike out due to how sick they were.

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