Hillary Clinton Issues Message Targeting Steve Bannon

Hillary Clinton Issues Message Targeting Steve Bannon

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton appeared to take a moment to gloat about the state of her freedom last week, just days after Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon’s indictment. Twitter user Jennifer Hayden first posted a sarcastic message clearly meant to be a subtle dig at Bannon while also wishing Hillary Clinton a good weekend. Nearly three days later, Clinton retweeted the message with an arrogant reply.

“Thanks, it was quite restful.”

Five simple words that say so much.

It is hard to prove whether Clinton was genuinely taking a victory lap in response to Bannon’s arrest, especially since she was only replying to the tweet. Yet, the fact that she took time to retweet the message clearly shows she responded with intent. Moreover, she was fully aware of how her words would be perceived.

Whether or not she’ll be able to continue boasting, however, is another story. John Durham’s ongoing collusion investigation continues to find ties between Hillary Clinton and several Russian nationals. That list includes Igor Danchenko, a Steele dossier contributor who we now know falsified rumors about former President Donald Trump.

Durham also indicted former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman in September on five separate counts of lying to the FBI. With the looming threat of up to 25 years in jail over his head, Sussman may eventually spill secrets to save his own hide.

The Steele dossier investigation continues to reveal new evidence about the people who conspired to harm Trump’s reputation, including Clinton. With mounting evidence and three officials already behind bars, could Hillary eventually meet the same fate? Her boasting may very well be premature.

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