Hillary Clinton Reveals She’ll Never Be Gone From Politics

Hillary Clinton Reveals She'll Never Be Gone From Politics

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Hillary Clinton attended a special episode of ABC’s “The View” on October 11. The former presidential hopeful shared her opinions on the current political climate. She also made a shocking statement about her future on the political stage.

Clinton ultimately claims she’ll “never” leave the political stage. Yet, it isn’t clear precisely what role she might play in future elections. Could the interview be a precursor for another run in 2024?

The rapid-fire questions began with Clinton laying a plethora of blame at Trump’s feet for the January 6 capitol riot. In fact, she spent the first five minutes attacking the former president and his followers. One of the hostesses quickly reiterated the contentious sentiment, suggesting that Trump supporters “lack character.”

After raking Donald Trump over the coals, hosts of “The View” directed the former Secretary of State towards the latest scandal regarding Facebook. Clinton lavished heavy praise on the latest whistleblower to come forward with evidence of Facebook’s wrongdoing, touting Frances Haugen’s moral clout.

As for what Hillary would do to change the situation on social media platforms? She says the government should regulate and prohibit the kind of online behaviors on Facebook, especially if they negatively impact institutions. Some would call that little more than a fancy way to support censorship and limit free speech.

Believers in the Constitution are unlikely to appreciate her suggestion. Is this what Hillary Clinton thinks it means to protect freedom?

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