Hillary Clinton Says MAGA Republicans Responsible for Recent Heat Waves

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blamed Republicans on July 25 for the summer heat wave that is currently hitting US communities. The Democratic leader made these comments on Twitter after the Center for American Progress said that MAGA Republicans were “pouring fuel” on the climate crisis. The post from the left-wing think-tank included a photo of recent media stories claiming that most Republicans voted against a recent Democratic Party’s $739 billion climate package.

Clinton wrote in her tweet that if people noted that the temperature was too hot, they should thank a “MAGA Republican” for it. After that, the former presidential candidate said that another option to take was to “vote them out” of office in the next electoral events.

In addition to the former Secretary of State, many Democratic leaders have also blamed Republicans and climate change for the above-average summer temperatures. However, former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist Ryan Maue said that these heat waves that some communities are experiencing aren’t new.

Following Clinton’s tweet, Maue tweeted that the claim that July‘s summer heat in the American Southwest would have been “impossible” without climate change, is absurd. He explained that would be true if people forget about the last six decades when similar events happened. The climate expert added in a separate post that her tweet was published a week after a New York Times editorial called on politicians to “politicize the weather.”

Fox News’s “Outnumbered” panelists also blasted Clinton for the tweet, as they claim this was a sign of a “sore loser” and “broken politician.” Republican Lee Zeldin claimed that her comments against conservatives were nothing more than “incendiary remarks” whose main goal was to “divide” the country.

Different studies have shown that the East Coast will see dangerous heat and humidity this week due to a shifting upper air pattern, making it the summer’s hottest week. The high temperatures will impact nearly 300 million Americans throughout the nation, except in some areas of the northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest.

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