Hillary Clinton’s DAUGHTER Steps Forward – Tells What It Was Really Like

Chelsea Clinton Reveals How It Was Being The First Daughter

Chelsea Clinton Reveals How It Was Being The First Daughter

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Chelsea Clinton and her mother, Hillary Rodham Clinton, are both trailblazers for powerful women. Their 2017 release, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” highlights female leaders and activists who’ve made the world better. Inspired by the effort, Apple TV worked with the mother-daughter duo on a series adaptation, “Gutsy.” The former first daughter recently used the platform to discuss her life as a child in the White House.

As reported by New York Post, Variety’s Daniel D’Addario interviewed the two famous Clinton women and asked the now-42-year-old to revisit her thoughts on growing up under the country’s scrutiny. The younger Clinton was a 13-year-old child when she moved to Washington, DC, in 1993, and the paparazzi cameras and media made the First Daughter a regular target of attacks throughout her stay. She remembers not wanting the attention, wishing there weren’t “as many bright lights glaring at [her]” and forcing her to stay strong.

Hillary Clinton interjected that her daughter has consistently told outsiders “to back off from kids,” to which Chelsea snapped back that she “wished more people” had done the same for her when she’d needed it the most. Now the younger Clinton has three children of her own: Jasper, 3, Aidan, 6, and Charlotte, 8. She’s worked hard to keep them out of the spotlight.

Chelsea Clinton was a staunch advocate for First Son Barron Trump during the 45th president’s time in the White House. Drawing from her personal experience, Clinton put political differences aside because she felt standing up for the teenager was the right thing to do.

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