Hillary Under Fire for Bizarre Screaming Match

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was heckled by an anti-war demonstrator on October 24, during an event at New York City’s Columbia University. For nearly five minutes, the liberal leader and the protester got into a heated exchange about President Joe Biden’s policy toward funding armed conflicts across the globe. The demonstrator repeatedly claimed this was a grave mistake as it could drag the United States into a “third world war.”

The discussion between Clinton and the demonstrator happened while she was delivering a speech in the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The man, who was identified himself as Robert Castle, interrupted Clinton as he yelled that she should deliver a statement about “the speech” of President Biden. While Clinton ignored him and kept talking, he yelled again and said that the president’s speech was “warmongering.”

After making that comment, the former Secretary of State stopped talking and he started to criticize the Biden administration. Castle claimed that the president was calling for $100 billion of funding for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. He said that, just like it’s already happening with the European and Middle Eastern nations, Taiwan could soon enter into an armed conflict with China. Castle argued that the Biden administration was rushing the United States into “World War III,” and claimed that Columbia University shouldn’t invite “warmongers” like the former Democratic nominee.

The demonstrator was cut off by the Democratic leader, who told him to sit immediately. While Castle replied back by saying she was “done,” Clinton told him it wasn’t freedom of speech when someone disrupts everybody’s “opportunity to speak.” He fired back by saying this was free speech and accused her of “constructing narratives” that were “openly hypocritical.”

Clinton then tried to speak about another topic, while Castle kept yelling at her. While she told him she would continue this conversation after the event, different videos showed that the former Secretary of State left the university as soon as the event finished.

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