House Lawmakers Want More Transparency on Defense Bill

( – House lawmakers from both parties made a public appeal for transparency on November 30 over different reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The term UAP is simply a new government-coined term for the familiar one: UFOs.

The move took place after it was revealed that some leaders of the House and Senate were trying to kill a bill related to the effort.

During a press conference, Florida Republican Representative Anna Luna said it was unacceptable that some “members” decided to stonewall their efforts to provide Americans full “transparency” on such an “important” matter. She added that none a single member of the legislative branch is “above another,” and claimed that every American deserves to know if their “safety” in the “universe” is somehow “threatened.”

The focus on UAP sightings has been increasing since the House hearing in July when three former officials from the Defense Department gave their testimonies about their experience with the phenomena. They warned that the UAP sightings might represent a serious national security risk.

A bipartisan coalition that includes one Democratic representative and three Republican representatives has formally pledged to bring the fullest transparency to the topic. The group calls itself UAP Caucus and noted that one of its main efforts would be to create a UAP Disclosure Act that would require the release of every government record on UAP. The act would also create an official collection of UAP records and even establish a review board for that office.

While some reports said that the act could be made official in a couple of weeks, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Torner, and the Chair of the House Armed Services Committee Mike Rogers tried to quash the act. Different media outlets even revealed that the two of them had the support of the new Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In the press conference, Luna said that the United States needs the UAP Disclosure Act as soon as possible and claimed that Americans aren’t “stupid” and can handle the information revealed about UAP sightings.

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