House Oversight Releases Memo Alleging Hunter Biden Received Millions

(American – House Republicans released a memo on August 9 where they discussed how foreign money made its way into the Biden family. They pointed out this is a concerning case not only about influence peddling, but also about the United States’ national security.

The new memo, which was compiled by Republican lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee, focused on US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. This document was released after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said that the congressional investigation into the finances of the Biden family could lead to an impeachment inquiry.

According to the memo, different bank records revealed that Hunter Biden received millions in payments from oligarchs from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. The bank records also noted that his business associate Devon Archer and his Rosemont Seneca business entities also received money.

In some cases, the President’s son received these millionaire payments for work services during his board role at Ukraine’s energy company Burisma. However, the memo showed there were many other occasions where the reason behind these payments wasn’t clear. It also pointed out that Hunter Biden received all this money when his father was the US Vice President during the Obama administration.

During an August 3 appearance before the House Oversight Committee, Archer confirmed in his testimony that then-Vice President Biden attended dinners with his son’s business associates. Archer noted that Joe Biden didn’t discuss anything “of consequence” during these meals or in phone conversations with his son’s partners. However, he told the committee that Joe Biden repeatedly emphasized in these meetings the importance of the family “brand.”

In a statement, Oversight Chairman and Kentucky Republican James Comer said that the memo suggests that Hunter Biden provided no other service than access to “the Biden network.” Comer also said this was “made clear” by numerous meals at the Café Milano in Washington, DC, where the then-Vice President “dined with oligarchs” who paid money to Hunter Biden.

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