House Passes Bill to Permanently Freeze Iranian Funds

( – On November 30 the House of Representatives passed a bill that forces the White House to permanently freeze $6 billion in funds that the Biden administration opened up to the Iranian regime earlier this year. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the White House took the measure in exchange for the release of five US citizens detained in Iran.

The legislation, which was introduced by Texas Republican Representative Michael McCaul, who is also the chairman of the Congress’ Foreign Affairs Committee, passed with a final vote of 307-119. Ninety Democrats joined almost every single Republican lawmaker present in voting for the bill, while 118 Democrats and Kentucky GOP Representative Thomas Massie opposed it.

Since its announcement in August, House Republicans have criticized the Biden administration’s deal with the Iranian regime. Many of them have claimed that the White House was kowtowing to Tehran and enabling a “terrorist regime” to illegally arrest more US citizens to eventually receive “benefits” in exchange for their freedom.

The Biden administration has been defending its decision to unfreeze the billionaire fund to Iran, arguing it was the necessary step to allow the five Americans to return to the country and get back to their families. The White House has also said that the $6 billion could only be used for humanitarian purposes, even when the Iranian regime has repeatedly said it would use the money however it wants to.

During a press conference, New York Democratic Representative Gregory Meeks claimed that the Iranian regime hasn’t spent “a single penny” of the $6 billion so far, and guaranteed that Tehran won’t use the money for “nefarious purposes.” He also dismissed the claims that the agreement with Iran would somehow hurt the United States’ global credibility and said that the White House did “the right thing” in reaching a deal to release the detained US citizens. Meeks explained that no one should renege on the agreement with Tehran because the five Americans were “rotting” in an Iranian prison.

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