House Representative Angie Craig Becomes Victim of Violence in DC

House Representative Angie Craig Becomes Victim of Violence in DC

( – A Democrat congresswoman has been assaulted at her Washington, DC, home. Representative Angie Craig (D-MN) fought back and escaped with bruising. Her office says the attack doesn’t seem to have been politically motivated.

On February 9, Craig was waiting for the elevator in her apartment building when she saw a man in the lobby acting erratically. She said he appeared to be “under the influence” of some substance. Craig greeted him, and he followed her into the elevator, still acting strangely –- and then launched an unprovoked assault, punching her and grabbing her neck.

Craig fought back, throwing her hot coffee on the attacker and driving him off. Her chief of staff said DC Metropolitan Police responded quickly. Craig then went to work and attended a meeting.

Washington, DC, has suffered a major spike in violent crime since 2020. In 2021 the city had its highest number of murders in almost 20 years –- a shocking 226 homicides, of which only 42 were solved. In the first few months of 2022, the homicide rate dropped by 6%, but robberies increased by 59%. Overall, violent crime has climbed by 25%. Some of the violence is linked to open-air drug markets that have sprung up around the city, while other attacks, like the one on Craig, seem random.

Fellow legislators have rallied to support Craig. Representative Yvette Clarke (D-NY) tweeted, “Violence is becoming all too common in our country,” while Senator Amy Klobuchar praised Craig for carrying on with work after the attack. Klobuchar added, “Nobody messes with Angie.” Craig told reporters she was having “a bad morning” but didn’t discuss the incident in detail. Her chief of staff, Nick Coe, said she was asking for privacy.

Officers with the DC Metropolitan Police Department arrested Kendrick Hamlin, 26, within hours of the attack. He currently faces a single count of simple assault. It remains unclear when the court scheduled the suspect’s next hearing.

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