House Speaker Blasts Russian Reporter Over Invasion of Ukraine

( – House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy blasted a Russian reporter after he suggested the GOP leader doesn’t support sending help to Ukraine, doesn’t want to call on the Kremlin to pull its troops from the country, and doesn’t want the United States to keep supporting Ukrainian troops.

During a press conference in Israel, McCarthy told the Russian reporter he votes and will keep voting for sending aid to Ukraine, pointing out he supports aid for this nation and he doesn’t support “what your country has done to Ukraine.” In addition, the House Speaker told the Russian reporter he doesn’t support “your killing of the children.”  Moreover, he told the pro-Kremlin journalist he thinks “you should pull out,” claiming it’s not right for Russia to invade another nation and guaranteeing that the United States will “continue to support.”

The Russian reporter had previously said that he knows the House Speaker doesn’t support the “unlimited and uncontrolled” weaponry and aid supply to the Ukrainian troops, asking McCarthy if it was possible that the Biden administration could change this policy in the near future. While many thought the Republicans went too hard, this is not the first time a Western politician blasts a Russian journalist as most of the pro-Kremlin ones tend to make provocative questions.

While there are members of the Republican Party who disagree with this aid, these are a minority in the total number of US political figures that oppose America’s foreign intervention. However, many Republicans who support this aid have questioned the nonmilitary economic support.

Last week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved a bipartisan resolution that will audit the White House’s assistance to Kyiv. However, instead of making efforts to reduce the military assistance to Ukrainian troops, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair and Texas Republican Michael McCaul have called on President Biden to keep sending air-defense weapons to Ukraine.

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