House to Vote on Making Controversial California Law National

House to Vote on Making Controversial California Law National

( – On Thursday, the Democratic House plans to vote on a bill that would nationalize California’s controversial new “gig economy.” The law was initially designed to provide protections for Uber and Lyft drivers. However, it has come with serious unintended consequences, most notably for independent contractors and freelance workers.

The law would require businesses to reclassify many independent contractors and freelancers as employees and strip them of the flexibility to work.

The reclassification is important for several reasons.

Employees are covered by the law, which ensures that overtime, collective bargaining, and minimum wage protections exist for workers. However, the main benefactor is the government that could collect taxes faster, more efficiently, and at higher rates under the new law.

Critics say that the legislation strips workers of their freedom to choose work on their terms and undermines the advantages of contract work.

The bill has little to no chance of making it through the Republican-led Senate or getting signed by President Trump.

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