How COVID-19 Will Change the Future of Advertising

How COVID-19 Will Change The Future Of Advertising

( – The novel coronavirus changed so many aspects of American lives, from remote work and personal space to how much toilet paper someone should have in reserve at any given time. But, experts believe COVID-19 changed the advertising industry as well.

The research and advisory firm Forrester predicts 2021 will bring in a wave of “pandemic advertising.” Some things to expect are:

  • Solo or fully-virtual ads as companies limited in-person numbers
  • Values-based marketing that focuses on a brand’s beliefs rather than its product’s benefits
  • More ads for pandemic products, like personalized masks and videoconferencing applications
  • A greater push for retention marketing through loyalty programs

Forrester also points out advertisers will try different avenues to coax in new customers:

In addition, businesses already changed how they market this holiday season:

Companies can make or break their bottom line with how they portray their products, especially in the last months of the year. Americans love to vote with their dollars, and how well each business advertises over the next year will make a huge difference in whether or not the company survives. So, prepare yourself for new forms of advertising in 2021. You may even find they are texting advertisements right to your phone.

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