Will Digital Healthcare Be The New Normal?

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Technology has already changed a multitude of industries as consumers have become more and more comfortable interacting in virtual ways. But, as COVID-19 caused lockdowns all across the country, many Americans were forced into the digital age of healthcare that they otherwise might’ve delayed.

Let’s look at a few ways the pandemic transformed the way we receive healthcare.

Primary Care Engagement Plummeted

Almost 50% of patients have not gone to their Primary Care provider in a year or more. Primary Care physicians were once the center point of many insurance plans, but they now must be reformulated in order to give consumers services they will actually use.

Virtual Care Is in – Especially for Mental Health

Previously considered impersonal, virtual healthcare was rarely used before 2020. But, as human contact was discouraged this year, many Americans opted to attend doctor’s appointments by video streaming instead.

One Canadian shared about the need for innovation, specifically in the mental health sector, during this time:

Estimates show that 138 million mental health visits occurred virtually in 2020, and we will likely see a similar or higher number next year as some Americans continue to struggle with feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.

Healthcare in the Workplace Will Be Commonplace

As companies bring their workers back to the office, they each will likely have a healthcare team that works to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and ensure a healthy workplace. These teams, however, will try to make themselves invaluable even when the pandemic is over, likely creating new health systems within the workplace.

Each of these changes within the healthcare field was likely to happen at some point, but COVID-19 expedited the process. The new normal of digital healthcare is one that is likely here to stay and will be ever-evolving.

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