How Different Governors Are Approaching The Dobbs Decision

How Different Governors Are Approaching The Dobbs Decision

How Governors Are Reacting Over Historic Decision

( – After learning of the Supreme Court’s potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark decision giving women across the country access to abortions, pro-choice advocates protested in hopes of changing the judges’ minds. Governors are taking different approaches to the situation, some deciding to preserve their laws, while others are altering them.

Unsurprisingly to many citizens, Democrat-run states are looking to keep their laws in place, offering women the right to abortions. Colorado Governor Jared Polis made it clear that his state would guarantee the right to abortion and potentially become an abortion haven. In a statement Friday he said, “We will continue to choose freedom… control over our bodies.”

In comparison, many Republican states are looking to outlaw, ban, or restrict access to the procedure. Kristi Noem told Margaret Brennan Sunday, on “Face the Nation,” doctors in her state of South Dakota who perform illegal abortions will be prosecuted, adding that she has a bill in the works to keep women from gaining access to the abortion pill through the mail.

According to a Guttmacher Institute’s study, 22 states plan to follow through in limiting access, while 16 states are looking to keep their abortion policies in place, some even going as far as to codify the procedure to ensure women can retain access. The Hill notes that numerous states in the Midwest will likely restrict or outright ban abortion.

Many of the states looking to clamp down on abortions have very few exceptions, often only if the woman’s health is at serious risk. In other states, such as Arkansas, which has some of the harshest abortion laws in the country, it’s a felony to perform an abortion unless to save the life of the mother. Just goes to show how much different every state is and will become.

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