How Underwear And Lipstick Sales Can Tell Us About Economy

( – Many have stopped looking at traditional data to see how the economy is doing due to the differing opinions among economists. There are different factors experts are looking at to find out exactly how well the economy is performing.

One way to look at this is by looking at how many uniform patches are being sold every year. Uniform patches are bought by industries all over the world from food workers, to city work, and more. A company called World Emblem is a top seller of these patches and they say their sales have gone up nineteen percent this year. Randy Carr, CEO of World Emblem, said “It’s hard to believe there would be” a recession.

Taking a look into what kind of underwear men are buying can help tell us how much money families are working with. The comparison here is that when money is tight, nobody is buying new underwear and especially not high end brands, but when money is fluid then many men will purchase underwear. According to brands like Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein, they’ve said that sales are mostly flat.

History has proved that women will typically cut back on buying expensive beauty products if money is tight. This would mean that women who normally purchase lipstick wouldn’t be purchasing at the moment. L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Ulta Beauty have said that sales have been strong over the last year.

World shipping and freight is going to be affected by the economy either way you look at it. When looking at this, the greater the demand, the more shipping freight should cost. Looking at the Baltic Dry Index can help us determine what this means. According to the BDI, freight costs are up over fifty percent over the past year, which is even a small amount higher than pre-COVID times.

Economists typically can look at recreational vehicle sales as well to determine the livelihood of our economy. Typically RVs are a luxury item, so looking at the trends in sales can help determine if people have enough money to purchase. Winnebago, a top RV maker, said that sales and stocks for the company have been declining.

A lot of these different methods are telling us different things and although they aren’t the typical ways of measuring how the economy is, it does allow you to look at it from a different perspective.

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