Howard Stern Reacts to Netflix’s New Harry And Meghan Series

Howard Stern Reacts to Netflix's New Harry And Meghan Series

( – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched the latest salvo in their vendetta against the British royal family this week, with a tell-all Netflix documentary about their love story, life as royals, and move to the US. The couple presented it as a chance to tell their story and “their truth,” but a flood of negative reviews suggests it could have backfired badly on them.

Just weeks after abandoning their royal duties and moving to Montecito, CA, in 2020, reports said the couple had signed a deal with Netflix. Then, this May, Netflix canceled an animated series Meghan had been working on, leaving them with just one project — a six-part documentary about their lives. The first three parts were released on December 12, with the rest following on December 15.

Harry and Meghan seem to have expected the series to win them sympathy and turn the public against the royals. However, while viewing figures have been massive — it’s the most-viewed Netflix documentary ever — the response has been brutal.

Meghan’s already low popularity in the UK went into freefall as soon as the trailers aired last week, and the actual show has been savaged by media, reviewers and the public on both sides of the Atlantic. Shock jock Howard Stern summed up what many were thinking when he blasted the couple as “whiny bitches,” and went on to say he was fed up after the first episode. “It’s been painful,” he said, adding “It’s like the Kardashians — except boring.”

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