Huckabee Says Biden Admin is Trampling the Bill of Rights

( – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said on August 16 that the Biden administration’s Department of Justice has made Americans less intolerant of abuse of power. The Republican leader then cited a police raid of a Kansas newspaper, which he said would have prompted outrage among Americans in the past.

During an interview on Newsmax, Huckabee said that when the Justice Department “of the federal level” tramples over people’s civil rights, this behavior sets a precedent that is eventually followed by lower-level agencies. The former Arkansas Governor also told host Carl Higbie this type of act is not what America “is about,” as the country has fundamental rights that need to be preserved and protected.

In another part of the interview, the Republican leader told Higbie that while the country has due process and the presumption of innocence, Americans aren’t currently “seeing a lot of that.” When asked why this was happening, Huckabee said that the main reason was the way the DOJ has been treating former President Donald Trump and those who “support him.”

The situation Huckabee was mentioning took place on August 13 when a small police department in central Kansas raided the office of a local newspaper and the house of its publisher and owner. The department was widely criticized as it aggressively seized smartphones and computers, and allegedly stressed the owner’s mother so much that she died a couple of days after the raid.

The former Arkansas governor told Higbie that Americans should be outraged, as he claimed this situation wasn’t just about a small newspaper in Kansas. Huckabee that what that police department did was also about private property and “your front door.”

Finally, Huckabee said that what happened in the newspaper was the clearest representation of how the American justice system can now intimidate citizens. He then claimed this is what Trump and every American who has a conservative “point of view” has been facing over the last few years.

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