Humanitarian Crisis: Children Sold to Put Food on the Table

Humanitarian Crisis: Children Sold to Put Food on the Table

( – The COVID pandemic, illegal immigrants crossing the border in droves, and Americans in Afghanistan waiting transport home are just a few examples of the humanitarian crises plaguing 2021. But nothing could be worse than parting with a child, even if it means the difference between starvation or a meal. Many Afghans now face this dilemma following the Taliban takeover two months ago.

In a CNN report, Abdul Malik explains how and why he felt there was no other choice than to sell his 9-year-old daughter, Parwana, into marriage to put food on his family’s table.

As hard as that pill is to swallow, it’s surprisingly not all that rare. In fact, a few months prior, Malik had sold his 12-year-old daughter for the same reason, while another needy family sold both of their daughters for $1000 each.

Human rights activists state the increase in child marriages has been overwhelming ever since the Taliban took over. With more than 20 million people facing food shortages and the country’s economy collapsing, many Afghans say it’s difficult to purchase the bare necessities. Toss in 3.2 million malnourished children, astronomical food prices- when available, and workers who aren’t getting paid, and you have a full-blown humanitarian catastrophe.

Humanitarian crises come in all shapes and sizes, but when parents have to sacrifice a child to feed, clothe or house the rest of the family, is there any heavier burden?

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